An article in Slate from2000said the book stirred controversy

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Designer Fake Bags Was really like nothing else we ever published, he said.The article caught the eye of book publishers, and Confidential released in 2000.It recounted themore than two decades Bourdain spent in the trenches of cramped restaurant kitchens, working long hours and indulging vices from booze to heroin. He eventually became the executive chef of a posh Manhattan restaurant.An article in Slate from2000said the book stirred controversy in the industry.of the foodies fuming arises from envy high replica bags and half from a conviction that, funny as this book can be, it misrepresents what goes on in the kitchen of a really good restaurant, theSlatearticle read.It was a hit among readers, landing on the New York Times non fiction bestseller list. It was eventually translated into more than two dozen languages.One reviewread, are also extraordinary passages here, written with a clarity and a replica bags clear eyed wit to put the professional food writing fraternity to shame Designer Fake Bags.


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