Dave Goodman

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Dave Goodman is a former naval officer, real-world operations leader & international consultant/sensei who has lead countless improvements in every type of industry in the modern business world.  His background includes extensive work with the world’s best Lean Fortune 500 companies, including Danaher. His experience includes top industries , such as: bio-pharmaceutical, oil & gas, healthcare, insurance, banking/finance, benefits sourcing, as well as public sector activities, which includes his work with the Army, Air Force, Navy and Marine Corp.  Dave’s hands-on approach performing Lean transformations is a clear differentiator.  His ability to adapt to any situation has placed him on the cutting edge of Lean and Six Sigma. Dave has been a leader in applying the steadfast principles that history has taught us and endeavors to ensure that the lessons we have learned in the past are applied to each company’s utmost potential.

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